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drugstore.com was an internet retailer in health and beauty care products. Its web operations were launched on February 24, 1999, and shut down on September 30, 2016[2] after being acquired by Walgreens in March 2011 for $409 million.

According to an article posted back in September 2005 by TAMPA BAY Archives, a Palm Harbor pharmacist accused Walgreen Co., drugstore.com, the nation's largest drugstore chain, of shortchanging Medicaid recipients on millions of prescriptions and overbilling the U.S. Treasury by more than $10-million for the undelivered medicine. The whistle-blower lawsuit, which was unsealed in U.S. District Court in Tampa on Thursday, mirrors accusations made in February by federal and state officials against Eckerd Corp. Both cases stem from the same source: Louis H. Mueller, who has been an Eckerd pharmacist since 1993. Based on personal experience at Eckerd and conversations with pharmacists at Walgreens, Mueller filed whistle-blower lawsuits against both chains in 1996. The chain's pharmacists underfilled about 6 percent to 8 percent of all prescriptions because of a shortage of inventory. Yet the chain charged the price of a full prescription to third-party payers, such as insurance companies and Medicaid. Customers would be told to return for the remainder of their prescriptions, but if they didn't, the medicine would be returned to inventory and resold. The suit says about 50 percent of the customers failed to pick up medicine they were owed. Yet no refund was made to insurers or Medicaid.


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Employee (Former Employee) says


Resident manager (Former Employee) says

"company will wave equality,and opportunity to grow ,however mid management is run by very unprofessional people that put both the staff and children attending the program at risk.i cannot suggest anyone work,or seek treatment at any of the data facilities,as they more than likely have the same staff falling asleep,leaving the children unattended and allow them to watch videos on idolizing drug dealers. do yourself a favor and just don't work here,because it will only bring you pain Cons: toxic working enviornment, safety concerns for staff, horrible pay, horrible treatment of staff"

Residential Therapist (Former Employee) says

"This company is very unorganized. They give you manuals to read as training and expect you to know your job. They place lacks proper cleaning and some of the staff is very unprofessional."

Prevention Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganized not a great place to work at. Unfair and underpaid and over worked this place will make your resume look good and that it. Managenement is terrible"

Outpatient Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Learned about mandated reporting laws, management fighting with each other almost every day, no freedom, no backup no support, uses scare tactics get blamed for no shows of patients"

TASC Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don't work there. It's horrible. Worst mistake ever. I worked there for a few months and then I got out of there. The supervisor for the tasc department is horrible she doesn't know how to trust her team and let us do what we were hired to do. In the months that I was there people literally came and went ."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"DATA did not provide the support or opportunities presented in the interview. I was encouraged to finish my bachelors degree in psychology, and when the time came, I was told to resign because my position was “different”."

Tasc Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"The typical day at work is very stressful, you are expected to do 32 hours of the client to client interaction and 8 hours of administration, but it does not stop there. The expectations are unrealistic especially set by management. The head of TASC is a bully and will manipulate you in everything you do to make it seem like it is your own anxieties and that everything incomplete your fault, when in fact it is due to poor training. this brings me to the next point of the training. there is no sufficient training it is all on the job and when you reach out for help you don't get it, other than yelled or screamed at. Also when you reach out to Human Resources they all work as a unit and do not care about the employees or their physical/ mental health, they will not hear you out or take sides, but they will tell the person who you are making a report against to. They use triangulation Discipline which means if you have an issue with your boss or someone they bring in a third person and it is biased, where they will not hear our story but the other parties story and take their side. Be very cautious with this place, there are some unethical practices here especially with their paperwork. when audited they hide the truth in their files so they can keep their precious funding which is a complete unethical practice. Cons: Rude/unsupportive staff, Benefits, Salary, insufficent trainign, terrible communciation."

TASC Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Lack of communication with a supervisor who is stressed out and no where to be found. They provide absolutely no training and expect you to know everything. Low pay."

Therapist (Former Employee) says

"The management does not care about the clients' wellbeing AT ALL. All they care about is that if you have finished the paperwork on time and how many billable hours you have completed. As a therapist needs to travel to client's homes, the agency does not provide work laptop and cellphone. We are not allowed to bring charts in the field, which makes our job more difficult because we need to sign consent forms and check the treatment plan during the counseling session. When I asked the reason why, they answered what if you had a car accident and client's files are everywhere. This sounds very degrading and disrespectful to me because it makes me feel my life was less important than client's charts. In this critical condition, we are expected to have at least 32 billable hours per week. There is basically no supervision and no support from anybody. Employee gets very little training on everything and the orientation is a joke. Some shady thing about this agency is that they tell you your annual salary is 36,000 before tax but when you see your paycheck, you found that you earn less than 33,000 per year before tax. This agency does not care about their employees and the turnover is very high. The work environment is totally not positive and supportive. Cons: Poor management; management does not care about their employees and clients."

TASC Case Manager/ Accessor (Former Employee) says

"We were hired as a full time temporary basis but never trained properly. We were screamed at every step of the way or treated poorly. If we made a mistake on something we were never trained on we were treated like it should be common sense instead of possibly making it clear to us on how to do it. The heads of each department like to throw the ball around about whose responsibility something is and they are never at fault. It is always your fault never theirs. Lets just say since I got hired and then left people were dropping like flies because they didn't want to deal with it anymore. Cons: Everything else"

Project SUCCESS Counselor (Current Employee) says

"I am appreciative of DATA for the opportunity it provided me fresh out of school from obtaining my Master's degree; however I don't feel the pay is worth it all. It's not like the job can't be done; which appears to be their assumption, but it's honestly too much paperwork for the expectations they have with the lack of training. the most beneficial part if working with the schools. I truly enjoy going to my school everyday and interacting with the kids. I just don't care for the idea that it seems as if the kids have to be a part of "my program" in order for me to service them. Especially when all of them truly just want someone to talk too. Cons: Basically everything else"

Intervention Counselor (Current Employee) says

"a great company to work for. however the paper work is hard to maintain and it is almost impossible to complete. peers are helpful.lack of training offered. Cons: tremendous work load"

Out patient therapist (Current Employee) says

"DATA is one of few agencies working with adolescents which I feel in important. The pay scale and advancement opportunities are lacking. After 3+ years I feel it is time to move on. Cons: Pay scale and advancement opportunities."

Senior Therapist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involves Counseling clients. Counseling clients let me become more aware of how complex human are. The workplace culture was very pressuring. The job dealt a lot with teenagers and it was very heart breaking to watch them make a mess of their live. However, there were those that made your heart very glad. Cons: almost no breaks"

Residential Therapist (Former Employee) says

"low pay high demands, great coworkers supportive environment, management can be inflexible. rewarding work with the kids"

Project Success Counselor (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job. Loved my kiddos. Company ran okay but pay is quite low for as many hours as you put in."

Aftercare Counselor (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day was productive but at a fast-pace. I learned how to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Management was proficient and ran smoothly on a daily basis. The workplace culture was positive and and culturally diverse. The hardest part of the job was the vast amount of paperwork required and complying to state and government rules. The most enjoyable part of the job were the staff and the clients. Cons: Short breaks"

Aftercare Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day was 12pm to 8pm. This schedule was flexible for our clients who were school aged youths ages 10-18 years. My co-worker were nice and compassionate people. The supervisor appeared to have issues with receiving input from staff. Cons: Lack of Supervisory Support"

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